Product and Service

Dental implants are affected by numerous variables: the location of canals, the structure of the maxilla and mandible, bone density, the selection and positioning of a fixture, and its connection with an abutment, among many others. By addressing all these critical aspects, 10DR Implant allows you to set up a far more reliable and safer implant surgery plan as well as to gain more hands-on experiences and perspectives on implants than ever before. 10DR Implant is a Computed Tomography (CT) image-based virtual 3D implant tool providing the information and functions that are of far greater use and value than existing CT films. To name a few advantages of this implant planning enabler, it provides a rich reservoir of 2D and 3D images, detects canals with a few clicks of the mouse, simulates fixture locations, measures bone density, detects implant/canal collisions, and provides as-you-please viewpoints. 10DR Implant will bring you ever closer to satisfying your patients and setting your clinic clearly apart from others. with 2D and 3D images and detecting problems you would otherwise face in actual surgery.
A shift from CT films to downloadable Internet-based CT images. 10DR CT Service is in alliance with a number of CT service providers (10DR CT Partners) that, upon your online reservation, will provide your patients with CT photography service at a reasonable price. The services it offers also include 3D processing, transmission and storage of images. In addition, you can receive virtual surgery files prepared by implant professionals, thus greatly reducing time for planning a real surgery and obtaining additional surgery-related tips. 10DR CT Service can save you a lot of time and costs that would otherwise be spent on preparing CT films and planning an entire surgery on your own.
10DR backs you up with your kind of IT Professionals. Have you not ever wondered which PC, printer, or beam projector you should purchase for your clinic and at what prices? Or, feel the need for networking, but don't have a clue what to do about it? You will find the answers to all these by clicking on 10DR's IT Professionals are there to serve you, ready to address all your IT-related concerns through On-line Consulting, 10DR Shop - online shopping agent for your clinic's cutting-edge devices, and homepage creation service. We are dedicated to remaining your reliable IT partner equipped with critical expertise and know-how.
10DR now opens a new chapter for better communications throughout the dental community. We are living in an age where the rules of the game are being rewritten everyday through the emergence of new knowledge and information. This information revolution is also affecting the dental community, and in a big way. This has formed the backdrop against which 10DR Community Service will be offering you not only up-to-the-minute news but also value-added information such as a large pool of professional knowledge, Q&A and various educational materials used in recent dental seminars.
Besides, it will allow like-minded members to associate with each other by forming online chat groups. It will also offer an online bulletin board where 10DR members can share and exchange their ideas and thoughts. (The service is expected to begin sometime in the second half of 2001.)