About us

10DR (read Ten DR, Ten Digital Revolution) is a name for the new exciting and strong company, continuously generating smart values with its mind centered on creativity and sharing.

Our mission is to enhance quality of life for human community by creating ten innovative IT solutions of highly advanced digital technology, which is combination of "1" and "0" after all. We also wish to enjoy sharing values created from those 10DR businesses with the society we belong.

As the initial stepping-stone, we now present "10DR Implant System", a virtual dental implant surgery system, and "10DR CT Service". When combined, together with "10DR CT Service" is a total solution, supporting full process from CT examination for dental implant through surgery planning. Many global experts in dentistry and radiology have joined in creating these products for years and we finished trial services with one large dental hospital and many local dental clinics during the year of 2000. In addition to such the confidence, US FDA granted the marketing clearance to 10DR in November, 2000.

Many advanced features and convenience in 10DR Implant service enable dentists to develop and to implement patient-centered surgery strategy, which will naturally invite patients' trust and confidence. It will definitely remind the patients of your clinic's leading image in terms of technology and well-organized care.

10DR does not aim to grow simply big in company size. We would rather choose to stay in small and quick in order to help dentists and their patients in more interactive and communicative way.

Thank you for your support and interest.
Company 10DR Co., Ltd.
CEO Chan-Kyung Lee
Founded February 15, 2001
Venture Certified March 21, 2001
Capital 1,015 million won
Employees 19
Address #B-605,
13, Jeongui-ro 7-gil ,Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea, 05835
Phone +82-2-70-8244-2201
Fax +82-303-0949-2202
Email webmaster@10dr.com