Application for CT/Virtual Implant Service
Log on to 10DR’s website ( to sign up for 10DR membership.
Application for CT/Virtual Implant Service
Make an arrangement for your patient’s CT photography and, if necessary, apply for virtual surgery service as well.
A Certificate for CT Reservation
Upon your application, a certificate for CT reservation is printed out, and then handed out to your patient.
CT Photography
On the appointed day, your patient visits the designated 10DR CT Partner with the certificate to receive a CT service.
Uploading CT Images
Upon the completion of CT photography, the 10DR CT Partner uploads your patient’s CT images onto 10DR CT Service
Virtual Surgery
A Virtual Surgery Planner downloads the images from 10DR CT Service, performs virtual surgery and registers its outcome back on 10DR CT Service.
Downloading CT Images/Virtual Surgery
Download your patient’s CT images and/or virtual surgery from 10DR CT Service.